The New American Film School empowers passionate film and media artists with the technical skills and diverse experience that will allow them to change the world with new visions, new stories, and new voices.

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The New American Film School aspires to be the most inclusive, most affordable, and most impactful film program for the next generation of cinematic storytellers. The international faculty brings decades of professional experience in film, television, new media, and documentary filmmaking to a rigorous and focused curriculum based in ethical and collaborative filmmaking practices, professional development, and hands-on instruction.  Our faculty includes feature film screenwriters, studio executives, Emmy-winning television veterans, acclaimed documentarians, and highly respected craftspeople.

We recognize and value the creativity and meaning that each student brings to the program.  Our students are welcomed as young professionals ready to not only learn their craft at the highest level; develop and project their unique creative voice; establish collaborative, organizational, and leadership skills that will last a lifetime; and make media that is personal, unique, and powerful.

With dozens of major student projects created every year, plus hundreds of short films, screenplays, and digital stories generated in and out of our studio classrooms, our students find opportunities to develop a wide array of production experiences while specializing in producing, screenwriting, director, or production technology.


The New American Film School educates and advises students in the literatures, theories, histories and practices of contemporary filmmaking. Our teaching, research, creative activity and professional service enrich the cultural life of the University, the community, the state and the region, extending beyond our borders; and move the art of film production into the future by building on its diverse histories and cultural contexts.


Spurred by student demand, the Film and Media Production program was established in 2005 after ABOR approved the establishment of the School of Theatre and Film.  Designed as a modest program to house 200 majors, the program grew to over 600 students in a decade, becoming one of the fastest growing majors in the University.  Fueled by the establishment of industry accelerator program Film Spark in Los Angeles and a partnership with production facility Sun Studios of Arizona, ABOR approved the establishment of the New American Film School in 2020.  2021 will see the establishment of the newly designed Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and Media Production, and the program will take up residence in the new Mesa City Center building in 2022.